Office365 Doubles Storage Space For All Plans

The common benefit associated with using cloud services is not having to be worried with buying technologies that go obsolete like servers and hard drives. Another benefit that is not as often discussed is the lowering of costs over time. Microsoft’s latest announcement showcased this benefit for all Office365 users as Microsoft announced they are doubling the amount of storage available for each mailbox, for free.

“There’s no price increase associated with this change,” said marketing manager Stephen Brown. “Our doubling of your mailbox storage is simply part of our promise to continuously deliver value to our Office 365 customers.”

For existing Office365 users that had a 25GB mailbox capacity, they will now have 50GB available. For those with “kiosk” mailboxes will now have 2GB.

If you are an existing Office365 user, you just received a benefit the equivalent of cutting your storage costs in half without spending a dime!

If you are not an existing office365 user, contact us today for a free Office365 Trial, and we can show you the benefits of getting anywhere, anytime access to your email and documents using the tools you know and love: Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows.

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