Cloud Managed Firewall

Protect and control your network with the power of the cloud

Do you want to simplify your firewall management and increase your control and monitoring capabilities without adding capital expense or IT cost? Cisco Meraki Firewall was built specifically for modern, multi-use networks, providing extensive visibility and control over users, content, and applications. Metro CSG can help you implement this technology to take advantage of the powerful tools it offers.

Control Applications, Users, and Devices

Layer 7 visibility is included in Cisco Meraki switches at no additional cost to automatically identify and report hundreds of applications, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube as well as apply firewall rules specific to each device. Network flow is categorized, and access control policies are enforced. Cisco Meraki’s next generation firewall controls evasive, encrypted, and peer-to-peer applications, like BitTorrent or Skype that cannot be controlled by traditional firewalls. The Cisco Meraki content filtering engine features native Active Directory integration to apply access controls specific to each class of users.

Protect your network

It’s no longer enough to simply block protocols, hosts, and ports – a firewall must also be user, content, and application aware. Featuring an integrated intrusion detection (IDS) engine based on Sourcefire’s Snort, Cisco Meraki’s security appliances protect your network against malicious entities and threats using a combination of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods. They can easily segregate voice, video, and data traffic, and deploy global firewall rules across VPN networks with a single click.

Manage your firewall

The Meraki cloud delivers seamless firmware and security signature updates and provides automatic network monitoring and alerts. Since the MX is managed entirely through the Cisco Meraki web-based dashboard, configuration, diagnostics and firmware updates can be performed remotely eliminating costly field visits. The Cisco Meraki MX is a complete networking and security solution designed to make distributed networks fast, secure, and easy to manage. Designed with intuitive controls, the MX requires no training or specialized staff. The MX will even self-provision, allowing for remote branch deployments without on-site IT.

WAN Optimization

A state-of-the-art WAN optimization engine uses advanced algorithms, deduplication, compression, and hard-disk based caching to optimize your Wide Area network. Cache, deduplicate, and optimize traffic to lower bandwidth consumption by up to 99% and improve application performance up to 209x. Built-in WAN optimization aids in server consolidation and private cloud initiatives, as well as any distributed network where end-user bandwidth costs or performance are a priority.

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