Why New York State Chose Office 365 And Why You Should Too

Last week, Microsoft announced that New York State chose Office 365 to reduce costs and eliminate the complex management that stems from their current 27 server email farm. Those were just the immediate savings.

At MetroCSG we have been providing deep expertise and migration services to non-profits, government, and business throughout the New York area and are rated a top tier 1 provider by Microsoft. Seeing an organization such as New York State move to Office365 reminds us of the questions, process, and benefits that many of our clients in New York can achieve with migrating to Office 365.

So, what led New York State to Office 365?

  1. Increased Efficiency and Accountability. Cloud Services such as Office 365 are key to making the organization more efficient, accountable, and modern. Your employees will become more efficient and accountable with Office 365’s Sharepoint and anywhere anytime access to email, contacts, and your calendar.
  2. Cost savings. Eliminating the 27 servers being managed for their current email system and working with Microsoft which has a 99.9% up time lowers complexity and costs. Moving to Office 365 allows your IT folks to focus on technology that can help your business grow.
  3. Access to the latest Office Software. All New York State end users will get free upgrades to the latest Office products and upgrades, free of charge, and automatically. Keeping up with the latest versions of software eases the burden of working with other companies and the various file formats they use. No more having to ask for your customers to resend files in a different format.
  4. No Upfront Capital Costs. With Office 365 you pay as you use the products. If you add or remove employees your monthly costs adjusts automatically. No upfront licenses, not upfront server costs.

Get a free Office 365 assessment from one of our Microsoft Certified Office 365 engineers and get the benefits New York State is by working with MetroCSG and Office 365.

Want to learn even more? Read all the additional details about New York State and Office 365 at InformationWeek

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