Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Flexibility on demand

Do you want the flexibility, customization, control, and scalability of the cloud but still want to maintain your established technology investments? Metro CSG understands that the solution that perfectly fits your business might be a combination of public or private cloud and on-premise servers. We will work with you to build a Hybrid Cloud Solution to fit with your established infrastructure and give you flexibility, customization, control, and scalability.

Have the cloud work for you

Moving to the cloud offers certain benefits like control, agility, as well as speed, ease of use and no hardware or maintenance costs. But most companies already have money and time invested in their server infrastructure. A hybrid model lets you take the transition to cloud one step at a time. You can continue to use the servers you have now and as they need upgrades you can move those into a public or private cloud solution. You have the customization, control, and scalability of cloud technology while still allowing you to keep and use the infrastructure you have established.

Keep sensitive data protected

Certain businesses have a need for added security and data protection. Industry regulations in finance or government, or privacy issues in education, or just IP protection means you want that added security. A hybrid cloud solution allows you to keep your sensitive data controlled on already established on-premise servers and move the rest of your data onto public or private cloud. This offers both the compliance and added control and security of on-premise servers and the flexibility and ease of the cloud.

Protect against vulnerability

In the case of a catastrophe the hybrid cloud solution functions as a stop gap to keep your business running. An outage or a natural disaster can cut off your access to a particular physical or virtual location, by creating a hybrid cloud platform, you mitigate that potential by diversifying your data’s location.

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