Remote Work

Grant your workforce the flexibility to work from anywhere

With a Remote Work solution from Metro CSG, businesses can consolidate their data within the Microsoft cloud to reduce risk, all while enabling a flexible Work from Home policy for their workforce. This gives your IT department greater control over how the environment is accessed and empowers your organization to work effectively from anywhere no matter the challenge.

Our Remote Work Services:

Metro CSG offers the following services to enable remote work within your business and empower your workforce with unparalleled flexibility and security:

    • Desktop Migration:
      Transfer your business data from physical hardware to cloud-based PCs.

    • Security Configuration:
      Ensure that user identities are confirmed with each login.

    • Data Loss Prevention:
      Develop security policies to prevent downloading data to devices.

    • Cost/Perfomance Analysis:
      Optimize desktop performance within your business’ IT budget.

    • Device Procurement:
      Assistance acquiring lightweight devices for accessing cloud desktops.

    • User Training:
      Educate your staff on how to access and use their new remote desktops.

Our Remote Work Solutions:

Windows 365 Migration

Windows 365 offers subscription based access to PCs managed via a cloud dashboard. Metro CSG assists with the licensing and setup for your subscription to Windows 365, as well as help you select the right cloud PC to suit the performance requirements of your teams.

Is Windows 365 right for you?

  • Integrates well with existing Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Simplified desktop deployment
  • Per User based Pricing

Azure Virtual Desktop Migration

Our team of Azure experts develop and deploy the infrastructure necessary to run your Virtual Desktop environment, as well as craft customized, easy-to-provision desktop templates tailored to your preferred apps and performance requirements.

Is Azure Virtual Desktop Right for You?

  • Integrates well with existing Azure infrastructure
  • Highly customizable desktop deployment
  • Usage Based Pricing

Why choose Metro for your remote work solution?

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Metro CSG boasts numerous Competencies focused within key areas of Microsoft Remote Desktop technology, denoting proven expertise managing and deploying solutions to our customers. With our years of experience working in the Microsoft cloud, we ensure you can integrate these powerful technologies quickly and seamlessly.

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Small Business Expertise

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Expertise

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Microsoft Windows Expertise

Ready for your cloud desktops?

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