Legal Services

Legal ServicesTake advantage of the proven performance of Cloud Computing for your law firm. Metro CSG will map out the best way for you to take advantage of the newest technologies to make your practice more efficient, secure and accessible while saving money. The Cloud is proven to securely take your office anywhere there is an internet connection. No matter the device, access is quick and easy. Managing multiple projects while keeping your staff in sync is simple and will improve workflow. Free up your servers by securely storing data and files in the cloud, set custom security permissions for users and even edit and update documents in real time for approved users to see. Safely archive all your emails with greater space available for your Outlook Exchange, and access the emails anytime, from any device wherever internet is available. Sharing large files is simplified and secure, and can be better organized so finding what you need is easy. You can upload any document or file type, which can then be edited from anywhere on any device. Improve communication with colleagues and clients with the ability to initiate a voice or video conversation through your computer or smart device. You also have the option to record these interactions and save them. Metro CSG understands your challenges and has proven solutions for your businesses demands.

  • Larger email boxes, shared access to email and calendars
  • Process large amount of documents to collaborate with internal or external team members or clients
  • Archiving and being compliant
  • Everywhere 24/7 secure mobile access
  • Cloud platforms best serve different devices and operating systems
  • Documents are safer on the Cloud than on HD of devices and if any device is stolen it can then be wiped remotely
  • Time tracking, time management and accounting/billing
  • Digital Signature for documents, contract, meeting minutes etc.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to collaborate with internal or external team members or clients

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