Office 365 Hand-On Lab with Metro CSG May 2014

Metro CSG, in conjunction with Microsoft, is excited to announce that they are hosting a hands–on interactive session featuring Office 365. Metro CSG is offering two different times to attend the session: May 28th and May 29th from 11am-12pm. Both sessions will be held at the Microsoft Headquarters in Time Square (11 Times Square 6th Floor, New York City).

The event will be hosted by a Microsoft Certified Engineer from Metro CSG who has extensive experience helping customers migrate successfully into the Microsoft Cloud. Each session will include up to 11 attendees to ensure that each will have a Lenovo touchscreen laptop (provided by Metro CSG) to use during the demonstration as well as opportunity to ask questions. Each laptop will be running Microsoft Office 365 to offer the attendees a feel for how it works and what it can do.

This will not be a generic demonstration, but rather will let attendees try out common, true-to-life, work related scenarios showing how Office 365 offers solutions to common business problems. It will be interactive, experiential and fun. During this event attendees will be guided through real life scenarios such as:

  • Sending an e-mail via Outlook Web Application (OWA) to see how your end users will send and receive emails
  •  Navigating through a populated SharePoint site to learn how robust SharePoint is
  •  Collaborating on a word and excel document with multiple users
  •  Sending Instant messages and video conferencing with Lync

At the end of this event, attendees will leave with an understanding of the basic functions of Office 365, an idea of how powerful Office 365 can be, and how it might be able to help optimize and streamline business.

Please register at the links below:

Wednesday May 28th, at 11AM

Thursday May 29th, at 11AM

Metro CSG is a customer service company that specializes in finding technology solutions to best help your business. As a Top tier Microsoft Cloud Champion Partner we focus on delivering today’s cloud technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses across the country. We specialize in the area of Cloud Computing and Unified Communication offerings to help improve the way business is conducted. This provides our clients with the competitive edge that differentiates them in the market place.

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