Zero-Trust Assessment

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Today, the threat of new and evolving cyberattacks pose a constant challenge to businesses to adapt themselves. When IT is decentralized across physical and cloud infrastructure, however, it is often difficult to properly assess the risks and vulnerabilities.

Metro CSG Has the Solution:

As the boundaries of IT networks have become increasingly hard to define in the Cloud Age, Zero-Trust has emerged as an effective framework for protecting businesses against cyberthreat.

Our team provides comprehensive IT assessments to help businesses better understand their environment and vulnerabilities, while arming them with clear, concrete steps to achieve Zero-Trust protection and eliminate risk.

Solution Features:

Threat Report

Documentation providing a detailed analysis of your environment to understand and quantify the threats and risks you may be susceptible to:

  • Unnecessary permissions
  • Outdated software
  • Non-compliant devices
  • Risky user activities

Recommendation Roadmap

Report includes a set of actionable steps for you to take to apply zero-trust best practices for your network and modernize your security, such as:

  • Security setting changes
  • Patching frequencies
  • Network protections
  • Integrating new software

Dashboard Configuration

Our team configures your organization with Azure Sentinel to create a unified dashboard for reviewing risk and threat across all of your IT workloads, including:

  • On-premises servers
  • Cloud-based services
  • Employee desktops
  • Network Appliances

What is Zero-Trust?

Zero-Trust is a modern security framework that assumes no part of a network can be 100% safe from an attack, and businesses should therefore apply the same level of protection and scrutiny “inside” the network as they do “outside”.

How Our Solution Works:

Leveraging leading Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) technology from Microsoft, our team thoroughly analyzes your IT environment to assess the overall quality of security across six key areas and offer actionable steps towards maximizing your protection:

Cloud Platform

Who are the users with access to the environment?


What are the devices used to connect to the environment?


What is information is being stored within the hosting?


What are the programs and services used by the company?


How and where is the environment being hosted?


How is the environment interconnected and accessed?

How Our Solution Helps:

Using the Zero-Trust IT model as defined by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) as a guide, our team compares the current configuration of your environment with best practices to assess your overall security status.

At the conclusion of the assessment, you receive a detailed report outlining the scope and security posture of your organization, including a roadmap to achieve Zero-Trust protection for your IT environment.

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