Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Build sales and customer service with better control and insight

When you aren’t coordinating your marketing, sales and customer services teams, you are missing opportunities to build long lasting relationships with your customers.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from Metro CSG, you’ll give your customers a consistent experience with your organization and gain insight into their interests. Give your marketing, sales and customer service teams the tools to boost sales and service levels without ever leaving Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Metro CSG includes powerful tools for:

  • Enhanced marketing automation – target your prospects with precision to execute effective marketing campaigns and track results to test and improve promotions and offers
  • Increased sales – sales force automation will get all your sales people on the same page and streamline the sales processes for quick turnaround, higher close rates and better customer retention
  • Improved customer service – with one customer database, you can deliver account data to your customer service team for more efficient and consistent client support
  • Social media marketing – monitor social media and update contact information from LinkedIn and other social sources

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your sales, marketing and customer service teams to use powerful tools that are designed to increase revenue, customer loyalty and customer support – all directly through Outlook.

By analyzing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing through key performance indicators, you’ll be able to generate greater demand, better serve customers and track your organization’s progress for continued success.

Enhance your customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Metro CSG.

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