Azure Education for Everybody

When we begin a conversation with a company about Microsoft Azure, we tend to get a lot of questions about it. Most notable, and somewhat surprising, is, “What is Azure?” or “How can I use it?” Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform you can host your datacenter on, but getting that part is easy. It’s when you get into the nitty-gritty of the service that things get a little hard to articulate. The truth is, understanding Azure on a fundamental level is a pretty technical thing. So, Metro CSG decided to do something about it.

Over the last month, we’ve developed a new site for businesses to learn about the Azure public cloud and it’s many offerings. And today, we’re proud to officially launch, a place dedicated to helping businesses understand what Azure is and the ways it can help them.

For my own knowledge as a nontechnical person, I’ve looked at existing¬†Azure learning centers and blogs to see if it could help me explain Azure a bit better. They didn’t help. I found these sites to be just as technical and confusing to understand as anything else. PHP productivity? VM report logs? There wasn’t even and FAQ to answer the most basic questions! So if I don’t know what I’m reading about, how can a business owner with no limited IT resources?

On our new site, businesses interested in learning how the cloud can help their business grow will find pages on the wide variety of Azure uses and Azure services an SMB can benefit from. We took the technical jargon that already existed online, and translated it into something that is clear, concise and easy to understand for anyone reading it. In addition to this content, we also compiled a list of common questions to create a much needed Azure FAQ.

Just like any other service that Microsoft offers, Azure is always changing with new features. In providing this resource to businesses, we fully intend to keep the site up to date on any coming change. In the meantime, the benefits of Azure with respect to flexibility, security and cost are clearly laid out alongside the ways it can help an organization. We also provide a list of the services and methodologies used by a partner like Metro CSG to migrate to Azure or implement a disaster recovery plan, for example.

Interested in Azure? Visit our new site today and learn more about this exciting new paradigm shift in the world of business.

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