Skype for Business Rolls Out: What You Need to Know

Last month, Microsoft announced the release date of Skype for Business, the newest addition to the Office 365 family. Us at Metro CSG are thrilled to report that this day has finally come! Skype for Business is here!

Almost, anyway.

While today marks the start of the nationwide rollout, current Office 365 customers will likely become eligible for the update over the next week or so. Worldwide availability is expected by the end of May.

So, while we eagerly await our turn during the release, lets go over what we can expect once we have it on our devices with a quick FAQ on the matter:

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is the latest, rebranded version of Lync Online, the communication tool from Microsoft. This app can be used for videoconferencing, instant messaging, and voice calling.

How is Skype for Business different from Lync Online?

In addition to integrating the familiar, user friendly interface of Skype, the new client brings over several helpful tools from Skype. One of which is the Live Call Window, which displays information on a current call in the corner of your screen, even when you switch windows.

How is it different from Skype?

Similar to the differences from Lync, this version brings all the benefits of Lync into Skype. As a central component of Office 365, Skype is now fully integrated into the rest of the platform to make sharing and communication easier. For example, from Microsoft Outlook, you would be able to schedule a Skype Meeting right from your calendar. Meanwhile, Skype for Business also gains the security of Office 365, providing encryption to all conversations and user management by admins.

This is just scratching the surface of what Lync does though. For more info you can visit our updated Skype for Business service page.

Can I get Skype for Business as a standalone product?

Yes. Just like all the other components that make up Office 365, Skype for Business can be subscribed to on its own. For information about pricing and plans, visit the Microsoft information page.

Can Skype for Business host my organization’s phone online?

Not yet. Microsoft will begin trialing its hosted phone service in Office 365 this summer, which will allow accounts to directly connect to service providers over a secure line. In the meantime, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) with Office 365 can be achieved with the help of a 3rd party. As a service, Metro CSG can help implement a VOIP plan for your company.

Is Skype for Business compatible with my IP phone?

Yes, this is likely. Microsoft has optimized the new Skype to be compatible with all IP phones currently optimized for Lync Online. A full list of qualified phones and devices can be found here.

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