Cloud Readiness Assessment

Ready to move into the cloud? Your business might be, but your infrastructure might not!

Unfortunately, migrating to the cloud is not as easy as simply uploading data and applications into a new system, but requires careful examination of environment in order to reveal vulnerabilities and recommend upgrades. Metro CSG is proud to offer just such an assessment for free to determine your business’ best cloud solution. By running our quick and easy program to scan your infrastructure you will be able to see what your best option is. Will you benefit most from Public, Private, or Hybrid cloud solutions? Where are your resources best suited to go? It’s not just your technology that’s important to consider, but your business as well!

Ready to move into the cloud? Your business might be, but your infrastructure might not!

  • Which of your applications can be migrated to the cloud?
  • Can your network handle cloud infrastructure?
  • What cloud solution will benefit you most?

Free cloud readiness assessments will be geared towards Office 365 preparedness, and pinpoint areas in need of adjustment for a successful migration to that platform. Microsoft Azure specific assessments can be made available at additional cost. Both platforms are unique systems that accomplish very different business goals, to each test is just as targeted. Following your assessment, we will provide you with a roadmap detailing the changes and upgrades needed to get your network ready for Office 365 or Azure. Metro CSG can then plan your seamless move to the cloud, where the only surprise you can expect is how satisfied you are! For a limited time, those who apply for our free assessment will receive special pricing on our Microsoft Azure and Office 365 migration services!

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