The Cadent Network is a group of companies focused in providing data-driven media solutions to help build brands. Services offered by these companies are vast, ranging from strategic planning, to media buying, to full-service marketing solutions.

Metro CSG helped Cadent to integrate the cloud with its environment, as well as bolster existing on-site infrastructure with new hardware and software.

Hybrid Cloud Solution and Consulting

The Challenge

Digital Media


Cadent had grown substantially due to recent acquisitions of other businesses. Due to this, the company could not support the new additions to itself with the same hosted IT infrastructure, and needed to expand.

With plans to continue its pace of rapid growth, the company needed a solution that would be able to scale alongside the company as it took on new assets, and easily integrate with mission critical workloads that would be kept on-site.

The Solution

Technologies Used:
Office 365 & Azure

In order to meet the needs of Cadent, Metro CSG proposed a hybrid cloud environment based on Microsoft technologies. As the only hybrid-ready public cloud available, Azure would be able to integrate with preexisting servers used for data analysis. In order to host user email, Metro CSG migrated accounts into Office 365. The service would be able to easily scale up with additional licenses as the company grew.

Metro CSG now serves as the designated Azure consultant for Cadent and provides migration services to help integrate acquired companies.