Advanced Security

Metro CSG offers businesses a comprehensive security package encompassing threat monitoring, user training, data protection and support for compliance. Altogether, the Advanced Security plan results in a proactive defense against new and evolving threats.

Overall, the goal of our service is to continuously improve security defenses to adapt to a changing digital landscape, without impacting your business and users.

How It Works

Metro CSG employs a monthly recurring process for managing and maintaining IT security, focused in continuous monitoring and change iteration to build a proactive defense against new and evolving threat. This process includes four stages: Review the environment and controls, Adapt security apparatus to address changing security needs, Monitor for suspicious activity, and Report information to Stakeholders.

What’s Included

Our package brings together cutting edge security technologies to gain a holistic, multi-level view of the IT environment that leaves no stone unturned in assessing risk. From assessing employee knowledge of threat, to analyzing network traffic, to managing your security policy, our approach ensures an always-up-to-date picture of where your IT stands.

Real-Time Security Reporting

Real-time and automatically generated reporting to review security incidents, highlight secure score and remediated vulnerabilities.

Security Subject Matter Experts

Elevated access to the Metro CSG Advanced Security team to review any policy changes and discuss findings on the security report.

  • Metro CSG staff

Advanced Security Configuration

Utilizing Microsoft 365 tool to implement security best practices.

Customized Security Planning

Access to MAS team to develop a security policy for client environment to meet compliance, security and end-user needs.

  • Metro CSG Staff

Active Monitoring & Reporting

MAS leverages Microsoft intelligence to detect many risks and threats before they can possibly impact the clients’ environments, as well as provide detailed analysis of incidents.

Advanced Device Management

Management of all client PCs, servers and mobile devices accessing firm data, including security setting enforcement, conditional access policy, and remote wipe.

Data Control

Setup of robust permissions to control user access to data, apply file-level encryption based on document sensitivity and manage data even after it has exited the bounds of the network.

BCDR Testing

Annual assessment of infrastructure to ensure critical IT resources remain continuously available to users during an emergency affecting physical office spaces.

  • Metro CSG Staff

Documentation Support

Metro CSG provides on-demand assistance with completing any required compliance documentation, such as WISPs, DDQs and audit reports.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this service offering is governed by the MetroCSG Terms and Conditions, which is included as an attached link. Metro CSG Advance Security (‘MAS’) services are dependent on licenses available client. The MAS agreement is not inclusive of usage fees incurred by Microsoft Azure and its use of Microsoft Sentinel. As stated in the MetroCSG Terms and Conditions, “All Microsoft Cloud and other online services shall be subject to Microsoft’s Cloud Agreement which is available for download here and the Microsoft Customer Agreement, which is available on Microsoft’s website by clicking here, ” This includes data incurred by Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across an enterprise. Microsoft Sentinel aggregates data from client users, applications, servers, and devices running on premises or in the cloud, letting clients reason over millions of records in a few seconds. Given the data storage and usage requirements, client will incur additional cost of Azure due to increased usage. Daily spend limits can be set with your MAS representative to establish data limits and limit cost. A pricing calculator is included below. A MAS representative can be available to discuss usage pricing and review actual usage with the client upon request.

Microsoft Sentinel Pricing | Microsoft Azure

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