Microsoft Teams Premium: A Superior Collaboration Experience

February 24, 2023

By Welmar Benedicto


In today’s world of remote work and virtual meetings, businesses are relying more than ever on collaboration tools to keep their teams connected and productive. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a popular choice for many organizations, offering a variety of features to help teams stay in touch and work together effectively. But what sets Microsoft Teams Premium apart from the standard version, and why do customers prefer it? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of Microsoft Teams Premium and explore why it has become a top choice for collaboration needs.

Enhanced Security and Compliance


One of the biggest draws of Microsoft Teams Premium is its enhanced security and compliance features. With Premium, you get access to advanced security controls, such as data loss prevention (DLP) and retention policies, to help protect your sensitive information. Additionally, Teams Premium includes compliance features that meet industry standards and regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR. These security and compliance features give customers peace of mind, knowing that their data is protected and in compliance with relevant regulations.

More Storage and Features


Microsoft Teams Premium also offers more storage and features than the standard version. Premium customers get up to 500,000 shared channels and 1 TB of storage per organization, compared to the 200 shared channels and 1 GB of storage per user for the standard version. Additionally, Teams Premium includes advanced features like priority notifications, read receipts, and custom branding options. These features make it easier for teams to work together and stay organized, making Teams Premium an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

Better Customer Support


Another advantage of Microsoft Teams Premium is its superior customer support. Premium customers have access to 24/7 phone and web support, with guaranteed response times for critical issues. This level of support can be especially valuable for businesses that rely heavily on Teams for their daily operations, as it ensures that any issues or technical difficulties can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Integration with Other Microsoft Products


Finally, Microsoft Teams Premium integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive. This integration makes it easy for teams to collaborate across multiple platforms, share files and information, and stay organized. It also makes it easier for businesses that already use Microsoft products to transition to Teams and take advantage of its many features.

Other Benefits of Microsoft Teams Premium


  • Advanced Security Features: Microsoft Teams Premium offers advanced security features, including Data Loss Prevention, Information Barriers, and Advanced Threat Protection. These features help keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure.
  • Audio Conferencing: With Microsoft Teams Premium, you get Audio Conferencing, which allows users to join meetings by phone, eliminating the need for a computer or internet connection.
  • Live Event Streaming: Microsoft Teams Premium allows for Live Event Streaming, which enables organizations to broadcast events to up to 100,000 attendees. This is particularly useful for large organizations that need to hold virtual events or training sessions.
  • Customized Backgrounds: Microsoft Teams Premium allows users to customize their backgrounds, giving them more control over their virtual workspaces.
  • Advanced Reporting: Microsoft Teams Premium provides advanced reporting features that allow organizations to track usage and monitor the platform’s performance.
  • Larger Group Sizes: Microsoft Teams Premium allows for larger group sizes, with up to 10,000 team members and 20,000 members in an organization.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams Premium offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for businesses looking for a collaboration tool that is both secure and feature-rich. Its enhanced security and compliance features, more storage and features, better customer support, and integration with other Microsoft products make it a powerful and convenient tool for teams of all sizes. If you’re considering a collaboration tool for your business, Microsoft Teams Premium is definitely worth considering.

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