Creative Expression with Digital Inking

October 28, 2021

By Rhia Prajes

As the touchscreen has become a near ubiquitous feature across the devices we use every day, this technology has opened new doors for us to work more creatively and productively. In Microsoft 365 and Windows 11, for example, this capability has been cleanly woven into the fabric of these platforms, to enable their use without making them a requirement.

For those with a touchscreen built into their primary work devices, there are numerous ways to take advantage of the power of Digital Inking. Here are three of the key features you can utilize so you can translate your visions into reality:

Create in more natural ways.

In many business apps and text editors, users are offered the ability to insert shapes to aid in the design process, whether it is for a flowchart, a footnote, or a section of a presentation. With the Digital Inking features of Microsoft Office, however, you can simply draw out the shape you would like and have the application intelligently generate it for you. No more searching for the perfect shape, just draw it and it appears!

Streamline Collaboration.

It is sometimes a challenge to collaborate seamless ideas due to the constraints of time and distance. With a digital Whiteboard, however, the process of brainstorming can be simplified when colleagues can communicate ideas across a single canvas. For example, you can mark up anything in front of you and easily share it with others, write comments or highlight texts, and stay on the same page no matter where you are.

Since Digital Inking is built in both Microsoft 365 and Windows 11, it allows you to continuously your annotations to your collaborators. The flow of exchanging ideas and sparking creativity is uninterrupted; thus, an increase in efficiency and productivity.

Ink to Text Technology.

With Digital Inking, you can often easily scribble and convert your handwriting to text in just a push of a button. And depending on the app, you can also use common copyediting gestures to highlight, delete, and insert content. This gives ample space to edit handwritten or typed content with gestures alone, offering great opportunity to steamline your processes.

In Windows 11, Digital Inking also allows you to input annotations directly on a web page which can be saved and shared with your colleagues. Meanwhile in OneNote, you can scribble and make notes and convert those into a formal and presentable texts, no need to rewrite your notes nto a formal document. What a time saver! Through Digital Inking, you can also edit a snip through a digital pen and touch writing. Perfect for creative collaboration and learning.

With the seamless collaboration of Digital Inking across Microsoft 365 and Windows, Microsoft Office keeps you bringing new ways to make collaboration possible. And as many businesses continue to operate remotely, it is important to work real-time and allows ideas to flow across teams and organizations. Unleash creativity and improve productivity of your team through Digital Inking.

Digital Inking, however, is just one of the myriad productivity features available to users of Windows and Microsoft 365 users to simply their work life. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Metro CSG can help you discover them all!

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