[Infographic] 9 Ways to Maximize Office 365 Migration Success

By John Bath

Office 365 helps businesses increase their productivity and collaboration by bringing the tools they use every day into a centralized cloud platform, including hosting for email, document management, messaging, and the office suite. This means that users can seamlessly work across devices from anywhere, saving time and money.

Before a business can take advantage of this service, however, they must first deploy it ast part of their IT. This involves migrating all email accounts from previous hosting, which can be a complex undertaking for any business regardless of the size. In many cases, there are a number of prerequisites that must be met to ensure a smooth, surprise free migration to Office 365.

To help businesses assess their readiness for the service, we’ve put together a handy migration preparedness checklist. In this guide we cover common roadblocks our customers have encountered when they move, as well as some tips to accelerate your migration when working with a partner like Metro CSG.

Interested? Get your hands on our Office 365 migration guide now and start preparing for the cloud today!

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