What is Office 365? Our New Demo Helps You Find Out

For the last year, Metro CSG has been hosting a monthly series of hands-on demos for Office 365 at Microsoft’s Times Square building. Called the Microsoft Experience Center (MEC), these events have offered attendees a unique opportunity to try out the platform on their own terms. No big pitch or presentation, just a set of computers prepopulated with an Office 365 tenant. And while there is a walkthrough to give a sense of what they can do, we encourage attendees to play and explore. It’s pretty much a big cloud sandbox to help answer the question, “What is Office 365?”

As of right now we have no plans to end our MEC demo series. In fact, we’re working to make them a bit better! Over the last month, we’ve gotten access to a new sort of demo to go hand-in-hand with MEC: the Envisioning Center series.

A Day in the Life of an Office 365 Company

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69Jc9fhj4v8?rel=0]

This new demo series from Microsoft takes place within their state-or-the-art technology theater, shown above. This mock office setting is outfitted with all the latest Microsoft products, including Office 365, to help give a sense of how a business would use them every day. Here, attendees witness us act out a small play of sorts, taking on roles within a fictional company with access to Office 365 and mobile devices.

We work on tasks that are common to most businesses, and demonstrate the wide range of uses Office 365 has when it comes to collaboration and increasing overall productivity. Attendees witness all the platform has to offer, including:

  • Simultaneous co-authoring
  • Instant Message chats easily escalated to voice and video calls
  • Interconnectivity between applications
  • Widespread drag and drop functionality
  • Fast and fluid experiences across all devices

Following our demonstration we move into the MEC setting to allow attendees to try out the things they saw Office 365 do. By first showing the features of Office 365 and then allowing for a hands on lab as a follow up, we can give the best picture of not only how the platform functions, but how it would function within your company.

Our next Envisioning Center demo is scheduled for June 25th, with more standalone MECs to be added as well. If you’re thinking about moving to office 365, or are on Office 365 and would simply like to learn more about it, sign up today!

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