Mobile Device Management

Mobile Security

With more and more mobile devices being used to do work in and out of the office today, misuse can pose a significant threat to your security. Keep your users compliant to the standards you assign with enterprise mobility solutions from Metro CSG, and protect the resources critical to your business.


Experience unprecedented levels of control over the devices in your organization. Integrate employee owned devices as easily as you will provision your own through secure remote management access portals hosted in the cloud. This MDM solution comes cloud-ready, and allows for easy integration with other cloud services from Metro CSG, such as Office 365 deployment.  We work with you tirelessly to prepare your network and configure the many tools you will have to bolster your security.


Ensure devices are used according to your standards. Deploy your critical applications with the press of a button. Keep users compliant by blocking access to unapproved networks and undesired content, such as high bandwidth websites and online games.

enforce compliance
secure MDM


Keep data safe inside your organization with mandatory encryption and password protection functions for enrolled devices. Partition content into secure groups, and remote wipe select data in cases of theft or employee turnover while maintaining GPS capability.


Track how and where devices are being used from anywhere in the world. Set up custom alerts for specific usage criteria and utilize geofence technology to add or remove permissions based on location.

MDM Monitor
BYOD Phone and Tablet


Enable users to work off their own devices without compromising sensitive data. Automatically enroll Wi-Fi connected devices in preset policies based on their type, and quarantine those affected with malware. Easily manage devices on a group or individual basis.