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Hosting your calling with Skype for Business unifies voice, video and calling into one dynamic platform, and offers users new ways to work productively. And as a Microsoft certified technology partner, we offer a complete package of service to help get you up and running.

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Our Service

With Skype for Business you can centralize and manage your organizations communication directly within Office 365. Metro CSG helps to integrate this service with your infrastructure by porting existing phone numbers and extensions into Office 365, as well as configuring your routing systems and call queues where necessary. As certified Yealink resellers, we can also help you to procure leading edge hardware for making calls, including handsets and Bluetooth headsets.

Once you’re set up for calling from the cloud, Metro CSG will help to support the needs of your administrators so you can manage your phone system effectively.

Why Host with Skype for Business?

Flexible Calling

With Skype for Business hosted calling, users can take your organization’s phone number anywhere. Start calls on the go with mobile apps and quickly transfer to desktop, or vice versa. With unparalleled flexibility users can take calls and conferences across a wide variety of devices and platforms.


Automated and call queues help your organization better manage call volume and enable better calling experiences for those who want to reach you. Voice command and custom routing features enable you to set automation that works for your business size and structure.


As part of the Office 365 suite, Skype for Business offers users more a centralized work experience for making calls. Click-to-call, conferencing, Exchange hosted voicemail, and as a part of the service all work to make your calling experiences simple and seamless.

Conference Ready

Need to host a meeting or webinar? Easily schedule conferences with dial-in for up to 250 attendees. And with the Skype for Business Meetings feature you can host live broadcasts for up to 10,000 viewers. Screen and document sharing features make presentations a snap for your team.

There’s no better time to move to the cloud than right now.

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