Data Backup

The easiest, fastest, and safest backup solution

Data Backup from Metro CSG is a completely automated system that provides powerful tools to protect your most important business data. Unlike traditional data protection tools, our Data Backup solution does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup. There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace, and this comprehensive solution protects you from silent data corruption.

With Data Backup from Metro CSG, your valuable data is encrypted and stored at our secure data center. Without your password and pass phrase, no one else can read or use your confidential information – not even the staff at Metro CSG.

Data Backup services from Metro CSG are:

  • Safe – a redundant copy of all of your critical information is stored in our secure data center, and should your system crash or a laptop is stolen, your important information is still safe and easily restored at any time day or night
  • Simple – the software required for easy secure data backup is installed and configured in minutes, with no additional hardware to install, maintain or learn how to use
  • Secure – 256-bit AES encryption means all of your information is automatically encrypted based on your private pass phrase prior to being transmitted to our secure data center
  • Compliant – our solution meets or exceeds all security requirements of most major security guidelines and regulations for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Data Backup from Metro CSG lets you say goodbye to complicated backup procedures, backup devices to install or fail, expensive backup software to buy and maintain and lost sleep wondering if your backup will really work in the event of an accident or disaster.

Find out how to protect your most important assets.

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