American Foundation for the Blind Client

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering the vision loss community. By identifying and addressing the unmet needs of the visually impaired, AFB works to break down the technological and systemic barriers that prevent them prom fully participating in society. Metro CSG helped AFB to migrate to Office 365.

Metro CSG has been an indispensable partner to work with. After contacting Metro CSG, they put a plan together, answered all of our concerns and executed the project better than we could have anticipated.

Roberto Hernandez
IT Director

Office 365 Migration Services

The Challenge


400 Faculty / 1,300 Students

Due to a growing student body and faculty, Brooklyn Law School could not easily scale its IT infrastructure. Rather than investing in new on-premises infrastructure the school opted to migrate to the cloud. Transferring user accounts to the cloud, however, could not feasibly be accomplished in one shot because of its large size.

The Solution

Technologies Used:
Office 365

Metro CSG proposed a migration to Office 365 E3 plans. The service would offer a centralized cloud location to host emails from, with unlimited archiving for user’s expansive email collections. Compatibility with multiple screen reading products and utilizes keyboard shortcuts allowed the service to be usable by all employees.