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Change your voice and receive up to $1250 in rebates, plus $10 for each phone.*

Increase business productivity and make every call more intelligent with Cisco Unified Communications. Our phone system solution integrates with your computer network, giving you a more efficient way to manage calls—and your small business. Cisco Unified Communications makes your business more productive by:

  • Improving communication among employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Allowing access to the network and information from anywhere, at any time with remote access and wireless mobility.
  • Integrating your phone system with computer applications, enabling Click to Dial contacts and Call Information Capture in your CRM.
  • Wide range of HD Voice enabled IP Phones.
  • Making it easy to set up conferences anytime, anywhere with your IP Phone. Full set of VoIP service offerings.
  • Focus on your business and not your phone system with (Partner Name) support services

Understand your options when it comes to your next phone system and demystify what Unified Communications means to your small business by setting up a meeting with one of our specialists.

Schedule a meeting with us and take advantage of Cisco’s Change Your Voice Rebate.

*Client is responsible for sales tax. In order to qualify for a free Cisco Unified Communications System, client must sign up for BCS’s Smart Business Solution which includes purchasing phones, installation, a 36 month contract on BCS’s Maintenance Program, and signing up with beyond for phone and internet service.

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